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All business undertaken subject to the terms and conditions of Buzyb Shipping Agencies (pvt) Ltd. Not only this page uploaded on official website of Buzyb Shipping agencies pvt limited, but also link of which is mentioned in our every email correspondence. Any question will be welcome within one week after the shipment confirmation, thereafter will be considered as acceptable with all terms and conditions.

COMMERCIAL SHIPMENTS: Our valuable customers are requested to note:

1- Container detention: For import shipment, obtaining extra free time is responsibility of customer.

2- Before booking shipment, free time must be mentioned on Original bill of lading or message or telex from shipping line.

3- Customer deposit: customer has to arrange container deposit, or may discuss this issue before shipment booking. 4- Destination charges- These have to be confirmed from supplier/ shipping line, before shipment booking.

5- Mis-declaration: It is highly emphasized to declare clearly your cargo nature / type. Otherwise, Buzyb Shipping agencies will not be responsible if shipment stuck/ not cleared by customs/ return the shipment.

6- Invoice: Must be inside shipment/ container, otherwise penalty is Rs 50000/-

7- We will serve our customers based on their provided information/ invoice value/ HS code/ weight/ dimensions)

8- Before pickup container, a transporter a transporter must confirm time to return container according to given free time.


Please read carefully.

All business undertaken subject to the Terms and Conditions of Buzyb Shipping Agencies (pvt) Ltd.

  • Cheques require clearance before goods can be forwarded.
  • Destination port/airport EXCLUDE ALL destination charges/ fees, which may include Duty, Customs

Clearance/Inspection, Terminal Fees, Airline Charges, Agency Fees, Local Delivery, Wharf age Charges, and Quarantine or Ag

Destination contact details must be provided at the time of booking, whilst we may except any booking without a destination phone number, all Claims and/or complaints for delay or storage charges incurred will not be entertained. Mobile phone numbers are not classed as an acceptable form of destination phone number.

Please note that a valuation form needs to be completed and payment made to take out standard liability cover. We are also unable to offer Standard Liability Cover on TV’s unless they have been crated or professionally packed by us. If you have declined Standard Liability protection for your shipment, our liability in case of loss or damage is limited as per our Terms and Conditions. After packing 100% payment will be made. Shipment will move once all dues are cleared completely. Shipping Agencies Private Limited

Storage will be charges at PKR 200 per day per CBM.

*We reserve the right to dispose of goods if storage or invoice charges have not been settled within one month.

* In case of cancelling booking we will be charge 10% of total Quoted amount.

Thanks very much for your time. For Buzyb shipping agencies pvt limited.


1. In these Conditions:

“Person” includes persons or anybody or bodies corporate.

“Owner” means the Owner of the goods (including any packaging, containers or equipment) to which any business concluded under these Conditions relates and the consignee or any other Person who is or may become interested in or in possession or entitled to possession of them.

“Customer” means any Person at whose request or on whose behalf the Freight Forwarder undertakes any business or provides advice, information or services.

A “Freight Forwarder” is one who undertakes forwarding of goods on behalf of his customer, including if necessary, Customs clearance, procurement and coordination of one or more modes of transport. He may also undertake to perform one or more modes of transport. He may also undertake to perform other functions connected with the main contract such as warehousing (including storage in transit) groupage or consolidation, packing, documentation, weighing and measurement of cargo container leasing, insurance, foreign exchange transaction etc and includes any parent subsidiary or affiliated company, firm, person or entity of the Freight Forwarder.

Customs department: Government authority authorized to clear import or export shipments.

Container detention: Means, the shipping line who owns container may ask container detention charges.

HS Code:The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products.

Packing list: A packing list is a catalogue of all the articles that are included in a package that has been shipped from one place to another.

Invoice: A nonnegotiable commercial instrument issued by a seller to a buyer. It identifies both the trading parties and lists, describes, and quantifies the items sold, shows the date of shipment and mode of transport, prices and discounts (if any), and delivery and payment terms.

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