Personal household USA customs

Personal household USA customs

Process of moving household goods to USA.

What is the process to move my used household goods and personal effects into the United States? Personal household USA customs-Used personal effect customs exempt pls click here to learn more from official govt. site


How much is the customs duty in the USA and tax exemption.

Different kinds of items, like artwork, kitchen utensils furniture, dishes, linens, libraries, books and other similar household furnishings should have either been for own your personal use or used in a period of time where you have been staying for one year. Therefore how much is the customs duty in the USA and tax exemption, click here.

U.S customs personal exemption

For US customs personal exemptions detail that. To learn more about US customs personal exemption, click here.

Import car to USA

Import a car to USA, there are a list of regulations that you must meet in order to import a motor vehicle into the United States from overseas personal household USA customs. Click here to Import car to USA.

The above information is provided by official websites. For any shipping information, pls click here.

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